Orchard Levelers

V-Blade Leveler™ VBL

The ideal tool for leveling orchard floors from side to side. The V Blade Leveler knocks down the high spots and fills in the low areas with single pass operation.

V-Blade Leveler™ VBL-R Roller Model

The Scheiser V Blade Roller Model handles sticks, rocks and trash easily without dragging grooves.

Bantam Leveler™

Built to traditional Schmeiser standards of quality, the Bantam Leveler is a well-built leveler for orchards.

Model 77 Leveler™

The Schmeiser Low Profile Model 77 is designed to work close to trees without damaging fruit. Pivoting front and rear rollers allow the Model 77 to be extremely maneuverable in both orchard and open field applications.