Open Field Levelers

Tri-Plane SLP

Incorporating the best characteristics of traditional land planes with outstanding in-field durability, T G Schmeiser delivers outstanding in-field durability.

Folding Tri-Plane SLP-F

The SLP Series Tri-Plane Leveler offers the best characteristics of traditional Schmeiser Leveler durability and performance with the efficiency of a conveniently transportable unit. 11ft. transport width, 24ft. working width.

Precision Finishing Scraper - Laser PFS

The Schmeiser PFS Series Precision Finish Scraper offers growers the advantages of laser and GPS applications with the versatility of conventional land leveling.

VariTrak™ 3 Point Land Leveler

The Schmeiser Varitak 3pt. Leveler acts like a long pull-style plane, yet is highly maneuverable for tight turns.

Grader Blade Scraper SGB

Ideal for open field work, the Schmeiser SGB Series Grader Blade offers high-quality grading where laser and precision scrapers are not necessary.