Model 77 Leveler™

The front roller section is equipped with a Till an' Pak unit that breaks clods and pulverizes the soil. The center section has a heavy duty bucket that fills holes and levels. The rear section is equipped with a 20" diameter Smooth an Roll unit. Water can be added to both front and rear rollers for additional weight. High strength pillow block bearings are used on both the front Till an' Pak and the rear Smooth an' Roll. Cast iron bearings are used on both front and rear axle pivots, and on the wheel cross shaft. The split rear roller is actually two rollers in one. A differential shaft allows the outside roller to spin faster on tight turns while the inside roller spins slower (less drag on turns). This is the same concept as the rear axle on a vehicle. The wheel transport is operated by a single hydraulic cylinder, which lifts the unit high off the ground for easy transport. It is also equipped with positive rod control steering locks for operating on highways. This is one of the most versatile tools you can use. It levels, smooths, pulverizes the soil, fills depressions, and packs it all in one operation. With dual pivot points, the Model 77 Leveler turns tight at the end of each row. It is ideal for preparing orchards for automatic harvesting or more efficient hand-picking. It keeps the soil from building up around trees, and leaves your soil table-top smooth. The Model 77 Leveler is available in 10, 11, 12, 14 and 15' widths; in 20' lengths with hydraulic transport included.