Drag Scrapers

The Schmeiser Drag Scraper is a work horse! Use it to grade roads in the morning and it will be ready to go down your orchard floor in the afternoon. From dairy lanes to vineyard rows, the Schmeiser Drag Scraper does it all. With that much utility, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that Schmeiser quality and durability comes standard with every unit.


  • Tough, durable and reliable construction
  • 1/4 yard per foot bucket capacity
  • Replaceable, long life UHMW wheel axle bushings
  • Replaceable/reversible wheel axle spindles

SDS Model (Heavy)

  • Easy to adjust pull frame to match tractor drawbar height
  • Standard with Perfect Hitch for 40 degree articulation
  • Easily converts to Three Point Hitch Model, Cat II, Cat II Quick-Hitch

SDSM Model (Medium)

  • Rigid pull frame