Till an' Pak™

3-Point Hitch The Schmeiser 3-Point Hitch easily bolts on to the existing Till an' Pak pull frame. It allows for the unit to be used as a 3-Point or as a Pull-Type roller.

*TPP 3501 3Pt Hitch for Cat 1 & 2; For Till an' Paks and Smooth an' Rolls to 13'

*TPP 3502 3Pt Hitch for Ct 2 & 3; For Till an' Paks and Smooth an' Rolls 14' to 20'

Squadron Arm Attachments Easily mounts on standard Till an' Pak frames. Use Till an' Pak squadron units for coverage up to 36'. When ordering, specify arm length equal to 1/2 width of trailing Till an' Pak (i.e., 2' trailing Till an' Pak: order 12" arms). Not to be used with hydraulic transport kits or other attachments.