2 Bar Model - Vineyard
3pt. Culti-Plow™

The design of the Culti-Plow leaves stubble growth on top and reduces evaporation

Deep soil is thoroughly loosened all the way across the working width, not just slicing straight lines.

For Furrow Construction:
Each Culti-Plow shank is easily adaptable to sweeps, shovels and other style points

Each shank features industry standard mountings for quick attachment of many popular point styles.

For Deep Chiseling:
The versatile Culti-Plow chisels at depths up to 15".

Options: Available in 5-shank, 5' & 6' wide and 7-shank, 8' wide models

Shanks are spaced equally apart and may be adjusted for special applications

Extensions are available to expand the Culti-Plow to 10' in width

For tillage and utility applications, T. G. Schmeiser offers a single shank Culti-Plow to bring all the advantages of the implement for lighter needs.